I. Olfactory
Sense of small

II. Optic
Peripheral vision, pupilary reflex to light

III. Oculomotor
Pupil size, pupillary reflex to light (consensual and direct reflex). Eyelid movement (ability to raise eyelids). Eye movement with smooth pursuit (ability to look up and in)

IV. Trochlear
Eye movement with smooth pursuit (ability to look down and in toward nose)

V. Trigeminal
Teeth clenching. Side-to-side jaw movement

VI. Abducens
Lateral eye movement with smooth pursuit

VII. Facial
Expression (ability to wrinkle forehead, smile, frown)

VIII. Vestibulocochlear (Acoustic)
Hearing, equilibrium

IX. Glossopharyngeal
Sense of taste, gag reflex, swallowing

X. Vagus
Voice quality, swallowing

XI. Spinal Accessory
Shoulder shrug, swallowing

XII. Hypoglossal
Tongue movement (ability to stick tongue out; note any deviation to one side)